The focus of the studio is the design of a public facility dedicated to the young population of the North Miami Beach area. The city offers a robust network of enrichment and after school activities, including outdoor sports and indoor activities such as dance, music, bowling and gymnastics. Currently, on the northern part of the island, the North Shore Park offers outdoor activities with emphasis placed on tennis. On the southern side, the Scott Rakow Center located on 27th Avenue, 30 minutes away by bicycle or public transportation from North Miami Beach, concentrates the majority of indoor activities housed in a gymnastics hall. In recent years, there has been a population shift to the northern part of the island. As a result, there is an increase in demand for public space and civic activities outside the existing commercial corridors. The North Beach Youth Center will provide a needed facility with emphasis on gymnastics and related indoor sports, and will integrate, expand, and improve the existing skate park on the southern edge of the site.
Programs: Revit, Lumion, AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator
Professor: Pedro Munarriz
Year: Spring 2023
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