"Culture reflected in architecture helps create or maintain identity in today’s world of globalization and internationalism. It also helps maintain the integrity of the society. This principle makes sure that the user is a good member of the society he/she belongs to. Hence good societies need architecture sensitive to their culture". It is important to consider the way culture can reflect in and simultaneously influence the growth of the architectural medium. Along the way, with the advancement of modernism, this principle has been forgotten. Residential architecture rarely has unique style; designers rarely seek to create or even maintain cultural identities in the neighborhoods they are designing for. Students will analyze and explore ideas of identity, tradition, and cultural values; through not only their eyes, but the eyes of their classmates. This includes, but is not limited to, tradition, music, fashion, dance, art, literature.
When I think about my Venezuelan culture, the form of dance sticks out to me. To me, when I see these pieces of artwork, I see what can be interpreted as body parts which can be assembled into dance, itself.
For my program, I designed a greenhouse dedicated towards providing the community with access to fruits, vegetables, herbs, and anything else they can garden. This is a safe space for anyone to plant whatever they desire and provide for those who may need it. In my culture, it is not unusual to ask others for something that can be as simple as going to your neighbor and asking for salt.
Programs: AutoCAD, Rhino 7, Revit 2024, Lumion, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, ArcGIS
Professor: Demar Matthews
Year: Spring 2024
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